Introducing our bath and body line of products! These products have been tested  over the past 2 years. We like to keep our products as natural as possible.

All of our products are for external use only. They are also considered safe for sensitive skin, but it is always best to do a small patch test just to be sure.
As we all know, water is the source of life. Our products that contain water (Reverse Osmosis Distilled Water) also contain a minimal preservative. We support life, but not in our products. Oil and butter based products have no preservative. They are as good as the oil shelf life (Imagine how long you might store olive oil in your pantry). Everything eventually goes bad, therefore, we do have an estimated expiry date as a precaution on our products.
We only use 100% pure essential oils in our products


  Canadian made - as you have come to expect from So Rad.