About Us

 At So Rad, we believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY. It’s the modern eco lifestyle - keep it green & clean y’all. Body, mind & soul.

We hope our message resonates for generations through our little turkey’s.

We harness the power of nature and reduce our eco footprint through our natural and biodegradable bath & body care collection.

We create healthy apparel for little ones to wear by using bamboo and organic fabrics, created locally.

We believe in happy and healthy minds, feelings and moods without fear or judgement with the aide of aromatherapy when needed.

Babies and kids are sensitive beings who absorb everything. It only makes sense that little ones should be surrounded with organics and natural products as much as possible, along with the whole family.

Everything So Rad created was out of a need or desire for our own family, through events that needed a super mummy touch, or through bursts of creativity. (You can find some personal stories on a couple product pages)

We hope you enjoy, share and care for our products as much as we do.

So Rad is based in Vaughan, ON. Canada. Founded in 2009 by digital designer and illustrator, Jasmine Bashaj.


Modern Shorty Apparel | Natural Body Care 

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