Inks and Dyes

Our Inks?
Our clothing is screen printed using inks that are eco friendly. They meet all environmental regulations and standards. They are CPSIA and Oeko-Tek Standard. They are lead, phthalates, rubber, latex, heavy metal and flame retardant free.

So Rad uses Low impact dyes for clothing colours;

What are low-impact dyes?
Low-impact dyes are petroleum-based, synthetic dyes with a higher than average absorption rate (70%-80%, depending on the color). This means less water is required in the rinse process and less dye runs off in the water; therefore, the dyes have a lower impact on the environment. Low-impact dyes also typically do not contain heavy metals (like chrome, copper and zinc), nor do they require toxic chemical mordants to fix them to the fiber. The dye, and rinse water, are often recycled and used again.

Even though they are made from synthetic materials, low-impact dyes are generally considered eco-friendly and often preferable to natural dyes because:

  • natural dyes often require a much larger quantity of dye (often close to or equal to the weight of the fiber itself), which may mean a much greater environmental impact.
  • natural dyes often require a much larger volume of water for the dye process.
  • natural dyes require the use of chemical mordants to fix the dye to the fiber.
  • natural dyes are available in fewer colors than low-impact dyes.
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