Mom Squad Review

What they Offer: So Rad makes baby apparel and greeting cards. Their line of

clothing consists of onsies, rabbit hats, bootie socks and bottoms.

What they Claim: So Rad clothing is made with bamboo fabrics (70% bamboo and

30% cotton), made in Canada – from start to finish, designed to be functional by a

mummy. They have a triple stitch cover seam for durability and no inner seam. A

slightly larger bum for So Rad makes mommy madness manageable. They come in

sizes and 3 bright colours - I Love You Blue, Avocado Green, & Sunburn Pink.

What they deliver: This clothing line is so super soft you have to imagine that your

child feels like he is wrapped in love and the feeling you get to know your child feels

cozy is amazing. They tend to play happier and sleep better. Our favourite part of

the whole line is that they are affordable and make in Toronto. The favourite outfit

seemed to be the bumdershirt with the boot pants and bootie socks. This outfit was

by far the favourite choice. The shirt has a great thumb hole that keeps the shirt in

place instead of the usual shirt half off and half on due to the sleeve pulling with

each crawling move. The boot pants are phenomenal because they keep the pants

in place during crawling and they don’t ride up when struggling to get the snow pants

on. The bootie socks are functional and just plain adorable.

Our favourite feature is the sizing. When you usually shop for children’s clothing

you have to purchase many sizes above what is “standard”. A 3 month old is

usually wearing 6 month old clothes and a 12 month old is usually wearing 24 month

old clothing and it is very frustrating to take a chance especially when ordering

online. The So Rad line is sized to perfection. No guessing involved the products

are fitted more towards the age and not the “typical” size of the particular age group.

The best part is if you are still not sure the company is very helpful, just email

them with your child’s age and size and they will help you pick the perfect fit.

How to Purchase:

The Mom Squad’s Recommendation: All we can say is “just keep it up”. We love

nothing more than great quality, affordable pricing and a mom that knows what she

is doing.