Testimonials & Reviews

Thanks so much.  Your customer service has made me an even more loyal customer.
 - Celeste, Toronto, Canada

Just wanted to say we received our playsuit and absolutely loved it. It's my favorite item in my son's wardrobe and both my husband and my mum have commented on how lovely it is.
- Kerri, UK ( http://www.youtube.com/user/amommyintheuk )

Bandana Bib:

"LOVE this. My daughter is a "happy spitter" and this works so well for
catching all those "returns".
- Aara, Ottawa


I love the design, colors and the fabric you use with all the details. You care and of course the price is very reasonable too for this quality!
 - "Yoko Konishi, FlaxKids Boutique, Japan


"We love your work! We definitely have people who keep coming back for larger sizes as their babies keep growing" - Clare, Kid Culture Boutique, Toronto, Canada


"The SoRad Dress and Jumper are SO cute! Love them!" - Amy, ParentsCanada


"Just bought a handful of things. :)  I am in love with your products,
my daughter (14 months) has been sporting your clothes for at least 6
months now. I love the pants, sweaters... the mod dress is my favorite!
We bought one in each size bringing her up to 24 months. My daughter is
pretty much a walking billboard. ;) Love what you do!" - Natasha
Allan-Zaky, Mummy, Toronto, Canada


"This playsuit is super cute and comfy. No snaps make it easy to put on
a squirmy 10 month old. Will definitely visit again." - Tanya Lai,
Mummy, Toronto, Canada


"SoRad was a pleasure to do business with and the onesie is just
adorable!" - Alex Kaplan, Washington, DC


"The cutest hat ever! We even put it on him inside sometimes for a
little bit just cause he looks so sweet and funny in it :D Also very
soft, great seller!!"- Andrea Ellingsen, Oslo, Norway


"Received all items and love how well made everything is! Everything is
so soft and beautiful! Will be buying more from this shop!" - Jen Shaw,
Mummy, Waterdown, Canada