Beanie Hat (Pink)

  • So Rad's Bamboo & Organic Cotton Mix
Triple stitch cover seam for no seams
    One Size - Newbie
    Adjustable knot!
Made in Canada eh!
    Prewashed for minimal shrinkage

    Baby Beanie Hats for the new little ones in our lives.
So darn cute you'll be sick of all the ooo-ing and ahhh-ing. Awesome colours to choose from. Very streachy material, so this one will last more then the first 2 weeks.
  • MATERIAL: Bamboo & Organic Cotton Interlock - light-medium weight fabric.If the hat is too big or small, just untie the knot and adjust it to a better fit:) Hat is one size.
    BAMBOO FACTS: Bamboo wicks moisture away from skin
    Bamboo is antibacterial
    Bamboo is heat regulating (babies will not over heat)
    COLOURS: Low impact dyes were used on coloured fabric.

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